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Provost’s task force invites faculty and instructors’ joint effort to help improve SETs at UWindsor

The Office of the Provost and Vice President, Academic have created a task force to examine the current SET practices at UWindsor, which was last reviewed and revised back in 2004.

This task force aims to seek input from multiple channels to make evidence-based, data-driven recommendations about updating the current SET form.

The UWindsor teaching and learning community is included as part of the task force consultation because the task force recognizes our instructors and students are key stakeholders of SET practices.

Seeking the joint effort of the UWindsor community, the SET task force has just rolled out a campus-wide survey this past Friday, Sept. 18, which invites faculty and instructors to share their experiences and opinions with the current SET form and process.

The participation and feedback provided by instructors in this survey is critical for the SET task force because these data can provide an up-to-date view about SETs at UWindsor from an instructor perspective.

The Task Force plans to also gather student input and is in the process of summarizing the current literature and gathering information about how other institutions run their SET process and what measures other institutions have taken recently to improve.

All of this information will be used to make data-based recommendations for improving the current SET survey, reports, and all associated processes. The goal of the Task Force is to make recommendations that result in a new SET survey, reports, and processes that instructors will find as a useful source of information to inform their teaching practices.

Please visit to learn more about the SET task force and stay tuned.