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UWindsor launches new Service Excellence Vision and Standards

The University of Windsor is committed to providing excellent service experiences whether online, over the telephone or in-person.

Service excellence is about employees working together to create a consistent and exceptional service experience across campus. Our daily interactions with students, colleagues, alumni, donors and other stakeholders matter.  

“When individuals consistently experience  professional, responsive, caring, respectful and reliable service, we strengthen our reputation of being a welcoming campus, reinforce our commitment of putting students first, and foster a culture of support and success across campus,” says Rita LaCivita, Vice-President, Human Resources.

Given the changes in our internal and external environment, the University embarked on a process to review, redefine and update the Service Excellence program launched in 2012.

This process was led by the Service Excellence Working Group, comprised of staff and supervisors from key service areas across campus; and engaged 87 employees and 37 students through 17 focus groups.

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank the members of the Service Excellence Working Group for their commitment to this initiative and their service to the University,” adds LaCivita.

The campus community is encouraged to become ambassadors of service excellence by becoming familiar with the components of the Service Excellence Program and seeking opportunities for enhancing the service experience:

  • Service Excellence Vision: articulates the type of service culture that we want to create.
  • Service Excellence Standards: help to clarify the behaviours and actions that promote and support our service excellence efforts.
  • Service Excellence Guide: includes practical information and tips for putting the Service Standards in action in our online, over the telephone and in-person interactions. It also provides information on using inclusive language, cross-cultural communication, accessible customer service and how to support students with mental health concerns.
  • Service Excellence Training Program: designed to support individuals and teams in the achievement of the Service Excellence Vision and to put the Service Excellence Standards in action

Learn about the components of the Service Excellence Program by visiting the Service Excellence website at