Nimbus tutoringThe University of Windsor Students’ Alliance has introduced a new tutoring service.

Tutoring service to support student learning

The University of Windsor Students’ Alliance is launching a new, pay-as-you-go student tutoring service through the Nimbus Learning Platform, which provides easily accessible tutoring through the Nimbus mobile app.

The goal is to provide support for as many courses as possible while making booking, communication, and scheduling as easy as possible. Students can select the course they want tutoring in from the available list, handpick their tutor through the ratings on the site, choose a location for the tutoring to occur, and rate their tutor on each session.

Nimbus tutors are experienced fellow students who have taken and excelled in the course, and who have just graduated or are currently students themselves. This recent experience enables the tutors to provide first-hand knowledge of courses and give tips on how best to improve.

Nimbus also offers an option for online tutoring, allowing students and their tutors to meet no matter where they are, something that has become very important during COVID-19.

The introduction of the Nimbus program is a win-win situation for everyone,” says UWSA president Herman Dayal. “Students in need of tutoring support can receive that personalized teaching from a friendly face, learning material from another student’s perspective.

“Tutors help their fellow students out while improving their communication and leadership skills and enriching their own understanding of the course materials.”

Tutors will receive payment through the Nimbus app. Interested students can apply for tutoring positions on the alliance website.

—Bridget Heuvel