smartphone next to Scrabble tiles spelling "social media"Human Resources shared tips for healthy engagement with social media.

Tip offers ways to protect mental health from ills of social media

Social media has been praised for its benefits of keeping people connected and blamed for its contribution to the mental health crisis.

A message from Human Resources to UWindsor employees Monday shares suggestions from the Canadian Mental Health Association to prevent social media from harming your well-being:

  • Unfollow people or accounts that make you feel insecure, or that make you be someone you are not.
  • Set limits for how much time you spend on social media platforms and turn off notifications.
  • Think before posting. Before hitting send on a post, consider whether it is spreading positivity.

Set some ground rules for where and when you use social media. By creating boundaries with the digital world, you can ensure fully appreciating the other aspects of life.

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