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Breathing exercises touted to promote calm

Mindful breathing exercises can reduce stress and promote calmness, advises Human Resources in a message sent Monday to UWindsor faculty and staff.

It shares suggestions from the Canadian Mental Health Association to help regain calm:

  • Counting breathing. Breathe in. Breathe out, say “one.” Breathe in. Breathe out, say “two.” Continue until “10” is reached, then start over.
  • Becoming calm breathing. Breathe in, think or say “I am.” Breathe out, think or say “becoming calm” or “letting go.” Use any phrase that promotes relaxation.
  • Raised arm breathing. Sit with a forearm resting on each leg, palms down. Breathe in and bend elbows and raise back of hands to shoulders. Breathe out and return arms to lap.
  • Walking breathing. Walk very slowly, synchronizing your breath with your steps: one step for each inhalation, one step for each exhalation.

To practise mindful breathing, join a guided meditation session led by psychotherapist Giselle St. Louis of the Student Counselling Centre on Thursday, Feb. 11. To learn more and to register, go to the Professional Development website.