Contestants develop supply chain strategies to manage pandemic impact on healthcare systems

SCAN Health’s business case competition provided students with the opportunity to develop solutions to a real-world challenge faced by health systems around the world this year — the coronavirus.

The pandemic highlighted significant supply chain issues with sourcing and distributing protective equipment and medical supplies. Students assumed the role of a consulting team advising the government of Canada on how to develop a co-ordinated supply chain strategy across the country to enhance healthcare capacity, safety, and resiliency while managing the impact of COVID-19.

“This is a terrific opportunity for students to apply classroom learning to the health sector — one of the largest and fastest-growing industries in the world,” says Allan Conway, chair of the judging panel and professor emeritus and former dean of the Odette School of Business.

“Through this competition, students develop essential knowledge on the role of supply chain as a key element in improving healthcare economics and outcomes. The quality of the solutions proposed by competing student teams from across the globe reflects very well on their university programs.”

Students across Asia, Australia, Europe, and North America participated in the competition; the top finishers were:

1st place (tie) – Mara Henke, Jacob Mathei, Romen van den Boom, and Ymke van Warmerdam from Maastricht University, the Netherlands; Zaryab Ahmed, Abhinav Bhatnagar, and Tyler Boulanger from McMaster University

3rd place (tie) – Max Bust, Janne Hesen, and Stephany Ly from Erasmus University, the Netherlands; Timothy Hutama, Padmaja Nair, (Andrea) Xue Qin, and (Sally) Yingxi Tang from Rutgers University, the United States.

The competition was hosted by the Odette School of Business  in partnership with HIMSS. The top  teams will receive cash prizes and winners will present their solutions at HIMSS21 Global Health Conference and Exhibition. The proposals can be found on the SCAN Health Knowledge Mobilization Platform.

Find details on upcoming competitions at HIMSS Healthcare Student Opportunities.

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