COVID relief challenge bingo cardMBA students raised about $4,500 for the Windsor Regional Hospital Foundation’s COVID-19 Assistance Fund through a unique bingo card appeal.

Student fundraiser exceeds goal for hospital COVID fund

Students in the Odette MBA program topped their own target in a fundraising effort to support the COVID-19 Assistance Fund of the Windsor Regional Hospital Foundation.

Ronak Doowd and Isabella Baggio launched a unique campaign last month, creating a bingo card with 16 boxes calling for donations ranging from $1 to $20. They encouraged the 32 members of their class to circulate the cards, soliciting contributions from friends and family.

“The hospital is going through a lot right now, so we wanted to help out as much as we could,” Doowd said.

The foundation’s fund helps the hospital to purchase equipment and supplies urgently needed to deal with the pandemic. The student effort added about $4,500 to the fund, easily besting the original goal of $4,000.

“I think we all know someone who is in the healthcare field or a frontline worker, so if this could support them in any way, we are making a difference and that’s what is important,” said Baggio.

Read more on the hospital’s website.

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