plate of healthy foodsHuman Resources suggests diet and other tips to keep your bones strong as you age.

Human Resources shares tips for bone health

Since most growth of bones occurs in childhood and adolescence, growing older means trying to maintain their density and slow the rate of loss.

In a message sent Monday to UWindsor staff and faculty, Human Resources shares tips to keep your bones strong as you age:

  • Choose calcium-rich foods like milk, yogurt, cheese, and kefir, and non-dairy sources such as fortified soy and rice beverages and leafy green vegetables. 
  • Remember vitamin D, potassium, and magnesium, which help bodies absorb calcium in foods.
  • Stay active; walking, hiking, lifting weights, or yoga can improve muscle strength, balance, and co-ordination to lower the risk of breaking bones. 
  • Limit caffeine, since having too much can lower the amount of calcium you absorb.

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