Bicycle parkedHuman Resources offers tips on avoiding common injuries while cycling.

Bicycle safety subject of wellness message

Cycling is a great way to stay fit, but accidents can happen, advises Human Resources in a message sent Monday to UWindsor staff and faculty.

It shares tips to help cyclists stay safe during their next ride:

  • Wear a properly fitted and secure helmet. The helmet must fit level and square on your head, be snug, and not slide when you move your head.
  • Use reflective stripes on clothing and on the bike and use flickering lights (even during daylight hours) to make yourself more visible to motorists.
  • Keep away from busy streets and parking lots; know and obey traffic rules when cycling on the road.
  • Bike with a buddy. Not only are two cyclists more visible, but if anything happens to one, the other can facilitate the emergency response if needed.
  • Carry a patch kit. Knowing how to patch up a flat tire can prevent you from being stranded in an unsafe or remote location.

Learn about the hand signals cyclists should use to communicate on the road on the Canadian Automobile Association website.

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