Supervisor's ToolkitHuman Resources suggests strategies supervisors can use to lead an inclusive, engaging, and supportive hybrid work team.

Information sheet highlights strategies for leading a hybrid work team

As the University continues the gradual transition of employees back to campus in accordance with public health measures, supervisors may find themselves managing a hybrid work team.

Hybrid work teams may operate on a rotating schedule — different members of the team work on campus and remotely based on a set schedule — or some team members may continue to work remotely while others transition full-time to work on-campus.

This month’s information sheet outlines some strategies that supervisors can use to lead and manage an inclusive, engaging, and supportive hybrid work team. The document highlights these guidelines:

  • Ensure clear standards and expectations
  • Discourage a “them versus us” culture
  • Be mindful of modes of communication and ensure everyone feels a sense of belonging
  • Provide opportunities to bring your team together and for social connections
  • Encourage healthy practices

The Department of Human Resources encourages supervisors to view the “Leading a Hybrid Work Team” information sheet on the toolkit website.

Other information sheets posted on the site include: Promoting a Culture of Wellness, Having Supportive Conversations, Strategies to Support Employees Transition Back to Campus.