Francesco BiondiKinesiology professor Francesco Biondi is one of two faculty members who will present Friday in the Human Kinetics Distinguished Speakers’ Series.

Two speakers on Human Kinetics agenda Friday

The latest entry in the Human Kinetics Distinguished Speakers’ Series will feature two members of the UWindsor kinesiology department: Sara Scharoun Benson and Francesco Biondi.

Sara Scharoun BensonDr. Scharoun Benson will present a talk entitled “Coming Full Circle.” She has established a generative and externally funded program of research in motor behaviour, focusing primarily on understanding similarities and differences in typical development and in autism spectrum disorder.

Dr. Biondi will discuss his work examining human-machine interaction in transportation and manufacturing in his presentation, “Multitasking: The Hidden Connection between Elon Musk's Lies and Zoom Fatigue.” He leverages his background in cognitive science to understand how attention functions when allocated to multiple activities.

The one-hour event will begin at noon Friday, Oct. 29, as a videoconference. It is free and open to the public; join here on Microsoft Teams.

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