book cover: SustainabilityBusiness professor emeritus Jang Singh has written a new book examining the views of political and business leaders to sustainability.

Book explores role of culture in approaches to sustainability

It wasn’t easy to arrange face-to-face interviews with leaders in five countries, says Jang Singh. But they made themselves available when they were told the topic was sustainability.

“This paved the way for very interesting discussions,” says Dr. Singh, a professor emeritus of the Odette School of Business.

He has woven his interviews with 41 business and political leaders from five countries — the United States, Canada, India, Sri Lanka, and Guyana — into a book entitled Sustainability: The Influence of Leadership and Culture.

Singh wanted to determine whether the professional and national cultures of his interviewees influenced their outlooks on the three pillars of sustainability: the physical environment, social issues, and economic justice.

The book includes his assessment of the progress being made on the Sustainability Development Goals established by the United Nations, which he terms “minimum targets” for the global environmental, economic, and social pillars that underpin a sustainable future.

“This book was written at a time when the world was in turmoil,” Singh says. “However, in the midst of the gloom there were some hopeful signs.”

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