Flexible Work Arrangements programThe University has established a task force to develop a program of Flexible Work Arrangements for non-academic staff.

Task force to develop program of flexible work arrangements

As part of the preparations for the full return to campus, the University has established a task force to develop a Flexible Work Arrangements program for non-academic staff in areas or units where such arrangements may be operationally feasible.

Flexible work arrangements can support the mental health and well-being of employees, improving how work gets done, the services students receive, and how teams collaborate. Adopting new ways of working can also enhance job satisfaction and encourage engagement and innovation.

The task force will lead a collaborative and consultative process to design a program intended to foster a flexible work culture in support of staff well-being, says its chair Marcela Ciampa, director of organizational development and training. The program will introduce flexible work options that best support the University’s mission to eligible non-academic staff while still delivering exceptional services.

Ciampa encourages the campus community to visit the Flexible Works Arrangements website for more information and regular updates. Direct questions and comments to flexiblework@uwindsor.ca.