Cole Fortier, AKA Epoxy, with Jennifer WilletWatch Cole Fortier, AKA Epoxy, learn about science and sustainable fashion with Jennifer Willet in a livestream event on March 9.

Fast fashion to come under scrutiny of science and sustainability

Fast fashion relies on immoral labour, mass consumerism, and anti-environmental practices, says Cole Fortier.

Along with professor Jennifer Willet of the Incubator Art Lab, Fortier will explore the concept of “slow fashion” as an art medium through the eyes of his drag persona Epoxy, in a livestreamed video presentation on Wednesday, March 9.

In “Epoxy vs. Fast Fashion,” Dr. Willet will present solutions through science and sustainability. The livestream will begin at 6 p.m. Find more, including a link to the video, on the Incubator Art Lab website.