Rachel AleksManagement and labour studies professor Rachel Aleks of the Odette School of Business is the winner of the 2022 John T. Dunlop Outstanding Scholar Award from the Labor and Employment Relations Association.

Business prof recognized for research into industrial relations

Her research into labour unions has earned Rachel Aleks, an assistant professor of management in the Odette School of Business, recognition from the Labor and Employment Relations Association.

The organization has conferred on her its John T. Dunlop Outstanding Scholar Award for contributions to research that address industrial relations or employment problems of national significance.

Dr. Aleks investigates the inequalities that exist within the employment relationship, between workers and management, and between females and males in the workplace. She has published recent articles examining whether today’s youth are less pro-union than those of previous generations, and whether union officers and staff face a gender pay gap. Her forthcoming project explores different facets of union involvement in workplace sexual harassment prevention.

Emily Smith, executive director of the Labor and Employment Relations Association, noted that the quality of nominees this year was exceptional.

In announcing the win, she wrote to Aleks: “The panel’s decision that your research is outstanding and that you are deserving of this award speaks highly of your work and its contribution to enlightening labor and employment relations issues.”

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