person opening walletHuman Resources provides tips to avoid financial fraud.

Safety from scams subject of message

No one is completely safe from scams, Human Resources warns in a message sent Monday to UWindsor faculty and staff.

Caution an awareness can reduce the chances of being a victim. Among the red flags of fraud:

  • You’re promised high returns at no risk. A security with a high potential return is seldom free of risk.
  • You’re contacted by someone you don’t know. Legitimate investments and advisors don’t approach strangers for money.
  • You’re asked to keep the matter secret and to act fast, because this is a “once in a lifetime” opportunity.
  • You’re asked to sign forms or proxies in advance.
  • You’re being subjected to pressure sales tactics and attempts are made to make you feel guilty if you hesitate to invest.
  • You’re told your securities could be resold or exchanged above their market value provided you pay fees in advance.
  • Financial transactions are carried out without your consent.
  • You’re told that a regulatory agency has “approved” an investment. Regulatory organizations never give an opinion on the quality of an investment.

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