Eman El-MasriElectrical and computer engineering major Eman El-Masri received the 2021 Outstanding Student Research Award for excellence in research, scholarship, and creative activity at the undergraduate level.

Virtual celebration recognizes faculty and student accomplishments in research, scholarship, and creative activity

In 2021, members of the UWindsor community published nearly 1,200 peer-reviewed research articles — a record one-year total for the institution.

UWindsor president Robert Gordon expressed admiration for that accomplishment in a video of congratulatory remarks from him and K.W. Michael Siu, outgoing vice-president of research and innovation, as a virtual Celebration of Excellence in Research, Scholarship, and Creative Activity.

“In many ways, the pandemic challenged how we conduct research, scholarship, and even creative activity,” Dr. Gordon said. “The perseverance and flexibility that researchers and research teams across campus and beyond have shown is truly inspiring.”

The virtual celebration saw the conferral of Outstanding Faculty Research Awards to scholars at the established and emerging stages of their careers: Carol Davison, Aaron Fisk, Laverne Jacobs, Randy Lippert, and Nicole Markotić among the former; and Catherine Febria, Ofelia Jianu, Drew Marquardt, and Shanthi Senthe, the latter.

Outstanding Student Research Awards were made to graduate and undergraduate students and their faculty supervisors, including Ze Li (Narayan Kar), Haleh Nazemi (Arezoo Emadi), and Eman El-Masri (Arezoo Emadi).

The occasion also noted grants and funding, special honours, and patents awarded to faculty, staff, and students in 2021.

Through their research, scholarship, and creative activities, faculty award recipients and honourees enrich the campus research community and provide exciting and impactful opportunities for student researchers, said Gordon.

“The spirit of these awards is a welcome reminder of what’s to come as we return to campus life and community,” he said. “Please continue to be inspired and meet your research goals.”

Find details of the achievements and contributions of all the 2021 honourees on the event website.

Watch the congratulatory video here.
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