damaged buildingScience students will hold a bake sale on Monday, March 27, to raise funds for parts of Turkey and Syria ravaged by an earthquake Feb. 6. Photo by European Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid.

Bake sale Monday to raise funds for earthquake relief in Turkey and Syria

In response to the recent earthquake that ravaged parts of Turkey and Syria, science students are raising funds for earthquake relief with a bake sale on Monday, March 27.

Irem Simsek is part of the team leading the fundraising event. Originally from Adana, Turkey, she is a Master’s student in the lab of associate professor of chemistry and biochemistry, John Trant.

“Cities no longer exist. Millions of people were in that area. It is devastating,” says Simsek.

Sedat Karabulut is a post-doctoral researcher in the lab of James Gauld, head of the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry. Sedat’s hometown of Adiyaman, Turkey, was devastated by the earthquake. He lost his mother as well as other family members.

“I am far from my hometown, and I want to do something for the people who are suffering,” says Karabulut. “There are multiple issues like disease, lack of hygiene, weather conditions, and mental health concerns, especially for children.”

Dr. Trant applauds the students taking the initiative to raise support for victims of the earthquake.

“They’re feeling lonely, they’re far away from their families and this has crushed them,” says Trant. “I encourage the campus community to donate and get involved themselves because we have members of those communities here in our community, and we want to show our support for them. They are our community.”

The bake sale will take place from noon to 3 p.m. in the science student lounge located in room 250, Essex Hall. All proceeds will be split evenly between the Turkish NGO Ahbap which is operating in the area for emergency relief and the Canadian Red Cross which is partnering with the Syrian and Turkish Red Crescent societies to provide on the ground relief. The Faculty of Science’s Sci of Relief group will also be on hand to provide support.

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