Robbie Oates guides Begley school children through the low ropes course.Kinesiology student Robbie Oates guides Begley school children through the Bermuda Triangle challenge at the Toldo Lancer Centre’s low ropes course.

School group takes on the Toldo Lancer Centre’s low ropes challenge course

Students from Frank W. Begley Public School walked a tightrope, zig-zagged their way across beams, and balanced on a teetering platform Thursday as they manoeuvred through the low ropes challenge course at the Toldo Lancer Centre.

“We’re using this as a team-building opportunity,” said Begley teacher Kaitlin Denonville, who organized the trip for classes of Grades 5 and 7 students at the school. “It’s important for co-operation and practising communication skills.”

The course, sponsored by Ironworkers Local 700, was offered to the Begley students free of charge, thanks to a grant from IG Wealth Management. The financial planning company’s grant allows community groups to use amenities at the Toldo Lancer Centre at no cost.

The 40 students from Begley were the first group to use the course this season.

“With the nicer weather coming, there’s an uptick in bookings of our challenge course,” said Sandra Ondracka, UWindsor’s co-ordinator of recreation services. “We’re thankful to the Ironworkers and to IG Wealth Management that we have this course available to the community.”

The course employs about a dozen UWindsor students from across campus. Members of the Lancer Recreation Challenge Course Crew, they explain the feats and act as spotters as visitors attempt them.

Kinesiology student Robbie Oates infused a little imagination into a tightrope challenge in a section of the course called the Bermuda Triangle.

“Don’t fall into the hot lava!” he said, reminding the Begley students to hold onto the guide rope tightly. “Work together and help each other.”

Ondracka said the course was designed for all ages and can be used for workplaces, clubs, and sports teams.

“Really, it’s for any group that wants to work on team-building and leadership.”

—Sarah Sacheli