Co-op Aces teamThe Co-op Aces team drew four 5s and a 10 on Friday to emerge victorious in the Poker Walk.

Co-operation proves successful for Poker Walk champs

With four-of-a-kind, the Co-op Aces took the pot Friday at the Team Poker Walk, the culminating event in the Get Active! Stay Active! summer wellness challenge.

In the course of their perambulations, the team failed to gather even a single ace, but three 5s and a joker wildcard with a 10 kicker secured victory over a full house runner-up hand.

“Thanks to all the organizers for making such a fun event,” said team captain Lisa Fransen. “It was an awesome team-building exercise and we’re looking forward to using our prize” — one-month passes to the Toldo Lancer Centre.

The activity won plaudits from the 11 participating teams, especially given the fine weather.

Even some of the losers were winners, noted Sharon Lackie of the River Rats. Her team collected an all-class pass from Lancer Recreation for having the worst hand: 2, 3, 4, 5, King.

The Get Active! Stay Active! challenge drew about 50 registrants, said organizer Oliga Tserakhava. As tracking cards come in by the Aug. 14 deadline, she will determine totals for most consistent and most active. Watch DailyNews for an announcement of winners.