man standing at slideshow screen leading workshopAlumni relations staff attend a workshop on developing measures of their impact led by Ray Satterthwaite of Engagement Analysis Inc.

Alumni office retools for data-driven decision-making

The staff of alumni relations received training last week that will enable it to point to specific measures of engagement benefiting the University, says director Patti Lauzon.

She and her team attended a workshop Tuesday and Wednesday to develop consistent ways to gauge the impact of their efforts.

Led by Ray Satterthwaite of Engagement Analysis Inc., the session introduced methods of defining and tracking the degree to which alumni, donors, and others relate to the institution.

“The intention is to allow teams to accurately measure the difference they’re making in moving the University toward its goals: financial, reputational, and others,” Satterthwaite said.

Lauzon said the alumni office will apply what it learned to “quantify the great work the department is doing” in alignment with the priorities set out in the Aspire strategic plan.

“These tools will help with decision-making, planning, and communications with alumni,” she said.

The consultant’s work with other institutions will allow Windsor to benefit from their experience, Lauzon said: “We won’t have to waste effort re-inventing the wheel.”