Detroit skyline with images transport planes and shipsThe Finance Department’s import process is intended to smooth delivery of goods into Canada and to campus.

Import process to aid in clearing customs

A process developed by the Finance Department promises cost and time efficiencies in providing documentation for importing goods to campus.

Procurement staff worked with the University’s customs broker in creating the step-by-step procedure to minimize delays and issues in delivery of shipments, unnecessary work for on-campus recipients, and fees, fines, or penalties from the Canada Border Services Agency.

Find the import process on the finance website.

Finance Department staff encourages departments to share the process with everyone who assists with purchases and shipments, including new hires and students. The mandatory customs form can be found here.

Contact with the customs form ticket number and tracking number prior to the shipment arriving for any goods that may be perishable, require special instructions, or have additional questions, so the information can be sent on to the customs broker and the Canada Border Services Agency.

Reach out to to request a walk-through of the process led by the Finance Department.