woman filling printer with paperThe University Print Shop has the right of first refusal for campus print and copy jobs.

New policies to govern printing and copying services

New policies and procedures on printing and copying services centralize them through the University Print Shop.

With a goal of providing quality, timely, and efficient service to the University community to best support its academic and administrative programs, the policy statement stipulates:

  • The Print Shop has rights to first refusal for all print and copy jobs requested by an AAU department, unit, group, or University community member.
  • In cases where the Print Shop cannot fulfill requests due to technical, capacity, or approved constraints, it will serve as the intermediary with external vendors unless the requesting department wishes to do so itself.
  • The Print Shop has the option of price matching any outside vendor quotes received by requestors as part of the initial budgeting process. Contact the Print Shop after you have received your external printer quote and be prepared to share them.
  • Internal charge account payment remains an option for on-campus partners.

The Print Shop is located in room 01 on the lower level of Chrysler Hall Tower. To receive a quote, contact the Print Shop at 519-253-3000, ext. 3680 or printshop@uwindsor.ca.

Read the complete Printing and Copying Services Policies and Procedures.