speech bubbles symbolizing conversationEmployee Mental Health Strategy Ambassadors will encourage colleagues to participate in the strategy’s implementation.

Faculty and staff ambassadors sought for Employee Mental Health Strategy

The Employee Mental Health Strategy Implementation Working Group is seeking faculty and staff to champion the strategy within their department or faculty.

“The EMHS Ambassadors will be key to enhance awareness, communication, and engagement as we implement the 22 key actions outlined in the strategy document,” says Marcela Ciampa, co-lead of the Implementation Working Group.

“We are looking for faculty and staff who will act as a point person to gather concerns and questions, share information about the implementation, and encourage colleagues to become engaged in strategy implementation related initiatives.”

Learn more about this role on the program website. Interested individuals are asked to complete the online form.

Faculty and staff can find a listing of mental health resources and supports on the strategy website and details about the Employee Assistance Program available to faculty, staff, and their families can be found on the Human Resources website.

Strategic Priority: