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An African rhinoceros is pictured in this handout photo.An African rhinoceros is pictured in this handout photo.

UWindsor students confront illegal trade in rhino horn

It is so coveted that it’s worth more than its weight in gold.

Its intended use has long been proven ineffectual, and yet the demand is contributing to the obliteration of a species.

The illegal trade of rhinoceros horn in Africa is fraught with controversy and two University of Windsor business students have become engrossed in the issue.

“It’s just not fair to these animals,” said master of business administration student Fred Wilkins.

Maggie Boglitch and her mother Sam Boglitch hold a $20,000 chequeUWindsor nursing student Maggie Boglitch and her mother Sam Boglitch hold a $20,000 cheque on the set of The Ellen DeGeneres Show. The donation will help offset the former’s grad school expenses.

Nursing grad student gets help from talk show host

Talk show host Ellen DeGeneres surprised Master of Nursing student Maggie Boglitch with a donation toward her graduate education.

Stephanos Mavromoustakos, Jianye Liu, Areeba Kamal, Rumana HakeemComputer science professor Stephanos Mavromoustakos and students Jianye Liu, Areeba Kamal, and Rumana Hakeem presented AccessLocator, a web-based application that provides site-specific accessibility information to users with disabilities, at Digifest 2017.

Accessibility rating app finds industry receptive

A computer science professor and students have developed an app that combines open data and user ratings to describe the accessibility of sites.