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Kennedy Wonnacott drinking from mug
Mar 7th, 2024
A campaign to spread awareness of green acts and recognize individual actions will highlight efforts towards a more sustainable campus.
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girls' soccer team
Mar 7th, 2024

Events March 12 and 13 will promote safety in sport.

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sign promoting Togetherfest outside Lancer Centre
Mar 7th, 2024

The Toldo Lancer Centre will host #YQG Togetherfest on Saturday and Sunday, March 9 and 10.

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woman holding sign I am Sahra Bulle
Mar 6th, 2024

An online roundtable Friday, March 8, will discuss next steps in the fight against intimate partner violence.

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Representatives of the SHIELD Automotive Cybersecurity Centre of Excellence and Block Harbor Cybersecurity
Mar 6th, 2024
Partnering with specialists Block Harbor Cybersecurity will help UWindsor students develop skills in high demand.
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wooden models in exhibition space
Mar 6th, 2024

An exhibition in the SoCA Gallery through Friday displays works by first-year students in the Visual Arts and the Built Environment program.

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Eliana El Khoury
Mar 6th, 2024

Eliana El-Khoury of Athabasca University will discuss AI and assessment design in a seminar March 8.

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Craig Pinnock leading presentation
Mar 6th, 2024

Odette School of Business faculty, staff, and students participated in a number of events commemorating Black History – Black Futures month.

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Jaguar sedan
Mar 6th, 2024

The University is offering a Jaguar sedan for sale.

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Mar 5th, 2024
WE-Spark Health Institute highlights key accomplishments in its Year 5, third quarter report.
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