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cast of Little Women
Mar 21st, 2024
Natasha Sadler won two tickets to see the University Players production of Little Women.
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Ash O’Neil
Mar 21st, 2024
Educational developer Ash O’Neil will discuss the role of open education in equity, diversity, and inclusion efforts Friday.
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graphic depiction women of many cultures
Mar 21st, 2024

The Sustaining Shared Futures teach-in series will explore “Women’s Work and Transnational Feminism” on Monday, March 25.

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photo “Tayshawn, Munsee St. @ Kildare Ave”
Mar 21st, 2024

An exhibition of photographs and postcards showcases the rich diversity of Indigeneity in the city.

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long refrigerator
Mar 20th, 2024
The University has declared a variety of items of kitchen equipment and décor for sale.
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jeans bearing tag second hand
Mar 20th, 2024

Student vendors will pass on gently-used clothing and décor items at a thrift shop Wednesday in the student centre.

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Elayne Isaacs and Michelle Nahdee
Mar 20th, 2024
An Indigenous outreach team from the University of Windsor attended the Little NHL tournament last week.
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people in costuume, including a red imp
Mar 20th, 2024

Windsor will host the Nain Rouge Festival, a celebration of French culture and folklore, on March 23.

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volunteers holding refuse bags
Mar 20th, 2024

Students have signed up to collect litter during the March 26 community clean-up, but there is still room for staff and alumni volunteers.

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Mohit Agarwal
Mar 20th, 2024

An internship during his student days helped alumnus Mohit Agarwal secure employment in the banking industry.

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