Anna Galka

acing students cut cake with an axeActing students Tamlynn Bryson, Breanna Maloney, Vanessa Lancione, Duncan Rowe and Andrew Iles chopped up an innocent cake and served it to unsuspecting passersby Wednesday in the CAW Student Centre.

Drama students give cakes 40 whacks

Members of the cast of the University Players production “Blood Relations” served free cake to grateful passersby Wednesday in the CAW Student Centre.

Tech conference generating campus conversations

This year’s Campus Technology Day conference has given people across the University a lot to talk about, says organizer Anna Galka.

“The reaction has been overwhelmingly positive,” she said Friday. More than 200 attendees—mostly faculty and staff—engaged in discussion at the May 16 conference on the ways technology can enhance teaching and learning.

Organizers extend call for Campus Technology Day proposals

Organizers of the seventh annual Campus Technology Day, May 16 in the CAW Student Centre, have extended its call for proposals to Monday, April 8.

With a theme of “Connected Campus in a Connected World,” the interactive event brings together faculty, staff and students to discuss the impact technology has in enhancing learning, teaching, research and building community on campus.

Presenters will share their expertise and experiences with colleagues, through:

Humanities Week an invitation to look forward and back

A series of discussions are scheduled for Humanities Week, presented by the Humanities Research Group, September 12 to 16.

Philosophy professor Jeff Noonan will host a Philosophers’ Café on Monday, September 12, at 7:30 p.m. at Phog Lounge, 157 University Avenue West, on the topic “What Would be Lost if We Lost Philosophy?”