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Verna Yiu and Anne Snowdon (centre) congratulate winners in the SCAN Health design competition.Verna Yiu and Anne Snowdon (centre) congratulate winners in the SCAN Health design competition.

Cost savings and system efficiencies earn health services notice

A point-of-use healthcare supply chain solution to deliver dividends and benefits to Alberta Health Services won the inaugural Supply Chain Advancement Network in Health (SCAN Health) design competition, the network announced Tuesday.

This first of its kind competition attracted innovative solutions from Canada and around the world to advance tracking and traceability of products and care processes linked to patient outcomes. The winner, TECSYS, is a Canadian market leader of supply chain management solutions for healthcare.

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Case studies on health system procurement available as education tools

A series of case studies released last week by the World Health Innovation Network (WIN) provide real-world evidence of the impact of procurement practices to inform policy and build capacity for adoption in health systems.

The research, under the title “Procurement and Innovation Adoption in Health Systems,” can be used by organizations considering, or involved with, innovation adoption, evaluation, and scalability in health systems, says WIN chair Anne Snowdon.

Industry collaboration to advance supply chain capacity in health systems

A collaboration with a global healthcare IT market intelligence, research, and standards organization will help to accelerate the work of the World Health Innovation Network (WIN) and the Supply Chain Advancement Network (SCAN Health) to develop tools to support supply chain transformation in global health systems.

WIN chair and SCAN Health CEO Anne Snowdon announced the partnership with HIMSS Analytics on Tuesday at the firm’s conference in Las Vegas.