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Douglas Kneale

Ryan Gilleran, Douglas Kneale, Jeff BerrymanRyan Gilleran, an application engineer with ANSYS, demonstrates a virtual reality cave to UWindsor provost Douglas Kneale and associate vice-president academic Jeff Berryman at a $5 million funding announcement for automotive innovation in Windsor-Essex.

Feds make $5 million local investment in mobility innovation

A $5 million investment announced Friday by the federal government will help make Windsor-Essex a leader in mobility innovation.

liaison officer speaks with studentsSuccesses in student recruitment are detailed in Douglas Kneale’s final communiqué as interim president of the University of Windsor.

Enrolment efforts subject of communiqué

Douglas Kneale notes positive trends in student enrolment in his final communiqué as interim president of the University of Windsor.

Students at Derrydown Public School inToronto jump in the air while wearing yellow University of Windsor t-shirts.Students at Derrydown Public School in Toronto received stickers and t-shirts after their classmate Narren Sivasegaram wrote a letter to the University of Windsor with questions about its programs, campus and student experience.

Pupil gets personal presidential response to penned letter

More than 2,400 letters flow through the University of Windsor’s distribution services facility on an average day.

But it was a letter from Narren Sivasegaran that caught the attention of interim president Douglas Kneale.

“To whom it may concern,” the Grade 5 student carefully scribed in pencil. “I am writing to you to get information about your school because I may want to come to your school as a student when I am ready.”