Gyllian Porteous

Luncheon celebrates graduating class of Outstanding Scholars

The money wasn’t what drove Ashley Keefner into the Outstanding Scholars program. Instead, says the fourth-year arts and science student, it was the opportunity to work closely with faculty members.

Her inter-faculty program allowed her to work on research projects with physics professor William Baylis and philosophy professor Marcello Guarini. The experience inspired her to pursue graduate study in related fields following her June graduation.

Still time to earn a tax receipt for 2011 contributions

Shida Azari is using the holiday season as a chance to count her blessings and express her thanks.

“I feel extremely fortunate for the opportunity to study, research and discover at the University of Windsor,” says the fourth-year women’s studies major. “I can look forward to the new year with optimism because of the support I receive from faculty and staff.”

Among her blessings, Azari counts an alumni in-course scholarship.