Jess Craymer

Conference to promote non-athletic careers in sport

You don’t have to be athletic to work in professional sports, say organizers of a conference on campus this weekend.

The Entertainment Law Society is teaming up with human kinetics to host the UWin Sports Conference, Saturday, March 16, in the CAW Student Centre’s Ambassador Auditorium.

Panels will discuss topics ranging from social media and marketing to sports in the courts, player representation and management. Organizers hope to provide a professional environment that will encourage delegates to engage in free discussion.

Love of gardening can bring campus closer to community

The University’s campus community garden project is a way to close a gap between the campus community and the surrounding neighbourhoods, says its founder.

Rita Haase, a sessional instructor in women’s studies, helped to get the garden—located on California Avenue behind the education building— running in the spring of 2010. She said its 200 volunteers encompass UWindsor students and employees as well as about 30 members of the broader community.

“If we share the food and love of gardening, it can bring people together,” she says.

Film focuses on Ford City community

A University of Windsor graduate wants to brighten the city with a quick look at a community that is fighting back. With help from a small grant from the Social Work Students Association, Matt Krawl has created a short film about Ford City, the neighbourhood east of Walkerville centred on Drouillard Road.

“I hope to leave a mark on Windsor by showing the good things about the area,” said Krawl.

Student lifeguards appreciate convenience of working on campus

Lifeguarding can fit perfectly into University life, especially when the pool is part of the University. It keeps students active in campus life and they can make a few extra bucks on the side.

The St. Denis Centre located on College Avenue prides itself on hiring strictly student lifeguards who keep coming back every year.

Alex Noble has returned for her third consecutive year lifeguarding at the St. Denis pool. She says the people bring her back every year.