Jess Dixon

Professors bid farewell to exchange students

Kinesiology professor Jess Dixon single-handedly convinced Alle Koperdraad to come to Canada.

“He gave two lectures in the Netherlands last year, and they were very interesting,” said Koperdraad, a sports marketing student at Amsterdam’s Johan Cruyff Institute. “I was looking for a new experience, and learned we had an exchange agreement with the University of Windsor.”

Student researcher finds Red Wing home streak more impressive with shoot-outs

There are those hockey fans who believe that when the Detroit Red Wings set a new record for home wins this season there should have be an asterisk beside their names because several of those 23 victories came as a result of shoot-outs.

Then again, there are some more cerebral sports analysts who believe that if an asterisk is added to the record books, it should only be to note that with the shoot-outs included, the accomplishment becomes all the more extraordinary.

Amsterdam experience helps student researcher learn the value of relationships

Of the three Olympic values – excellence, respect and friendship – it’s the last that might matter the most to Samantha Pang.

A second year master’s student in Human Kinetics who specializes in sport management, Pang spent the entire summer working in the Netherlands researching how to build a marketing strategy to increase the number of visits sport enthusiasts and tourists make to the Olympic Experience, an attraction at the Olympic Stadium in Amsterdam.