Mark Trudell

OPUS awardeesThe Organization of Part-time University Students celebrated its 30th annual awards banquet Friday. Among the honourees were (from left) Tim Gregorian, Julien Chin, Mark Trudell, Chris Lanoue, Selma Huxley-Gannage, Nancy McMahon, Vincent Manzerolle, Victor Sevillano Canicio, and Ronnie Haidar.

Reception honours awards recipients

Some 100 guests attended the 30th annual awards banquet of the Organization of Part-time University Students on Friday.

Registrar’s staff shows its true colours

Staff in the office of the registrar displayed their Olympic spirit before Friday’s opening ceremonies, dressing in patriotic red and white.

“We just wanted to show our support for all our Canadian athletes, especially (Lancer alumna) Melissa Bishop,” said acting registrar Charlene Yates.

The effort was well-received by clients, she said: “We’ve been getting nice comments all day—and even a few high-fives!”