Richard Hayes

Support available for students with learning disabilities

Everyone has a unique learning profile, says Richard Hayes, a learning strategist in Student Disability Services. His office is dedicated to making sure students with a learning disability get the support they deserve.

“Just because someone processes information differently doesn’t mean they are abnormal,” Hayes says. “Needing an Individual Education Plan is nothing to be ashamed of.”

The plans are tailored to the challenges facing each particular client.

Staff team completes 100-kilometre charity hike

Of 76 teams entered in a 100-km hike along trails south of Georgian Bay, only 29 completed the task intact, including a four-person team with three members of the UWindsor staff.

“By all accounts, this was the toughest Trailwalker to have been done in Ontario,” says Chris Busch, who joined Barb Gormley and fellow staffers Richard Taylor and Richard Hayes on the hike July 13 to 15, a fundraiser for the international development agency Oxfam.

UWindsor team to take on 100-km charity hike

Running doesn’t necessarily prepare you for the rigours of walking, says Richard Hayes.

An experienced marathon runner, he is preparing for a different challenge as part of a team of four who will be participating in a 100-kilometre hike along trails south of Georgian Bay over 48 hours, July 13 to 15.

“It’s not the distance alone” that poses the problem, Hayes says. “It’s being awake and on your feet all that time.”