Spotlight on Graduate Research

Award-winning research could help pipeline industry

Oil and gas companies often go to very expensive measures to replace pipelines that are in danger of cracking and bursting, but a PhD student in engineering is part of an award-winning team finding ways to better determine how long a cracked pipeline will last in the field.

“This will help the oil industry to make informed decisions on whether or when a cracked segment of pipeline needs to be replaced,” says Hossein Ghaednia, a student in professor Sreekanta Das’s Center for Engineering Research in Pipelines.

Kinesiology student goes from researching Olympics to attending them

Katrina Krawec went from conducting Olympic-related research in Germany this summer to actually attending the Games in London.

A master’s student in kinesiology, Krawec spent several months at the University of Tübingen, just south of Stuttgart, where she participated in a large multi-year study to analyze the health and nutrition behaviours in adolescent Olympic-level elite athletes.

Ornithology researchers win three top prizes at international conference

Placing three UWindsor graduate students among the top award recipients at the North American Ornithological Congress confirms the university as a centre of excellence for bird biology in North America, says professor Oliver Love.

Fourteen researchers represented the University of Windsor, including Dr. Love and students from his laboratory and the laboratories of Dan Mennill and Stephanie Doucet.

The Windsor delegation took three of the 12 awards for the best student talks and posters among the hundreds of student presenters:

Tables turned on students promoting healthy eating

Ashley Kirby and Jillian Ciccone were pretty stoked about having a meal in the home of a celebrity chef – until they found out they were the ones doing the cooking.

Both masters’ students working under the direction of kinesiology professor Sarah Woodruff, the pair travelled earlier this summer to the St. Catharines home of Sandi Richard, a Food Network host and their academic supervisor’s collaborator.