Zora Savic

UWindsor representatives at the Ontario Universities’ FairYellow-shirted student ambassadors join faculty and staff to represent the University of Windsor during the Ontario Universities’ Fair in Toronto over the weekend.

Student experience key to UWindsor appeal

Current students make wonderful ambassadors for recruitment efforts, says organizers of the UWindsor presence at the Ontario Universities’ Fair.

Students and staff watch drone hover outside Dillon Hall.Kyle Archibald demonstrates the use of a flying drone for student recruiters Neda Demiri, Dave Bussiere and Zora Savic and digital media production students Naomi Pelkey, Doug Cunningham, Milos Savic and Cherry Theresanathan.

Video production gives students industry experience while promoting campus pride

A video produced by UWindsor students will help attract new enrolment with its showcase of programs and the campus experience.

Campus to roll out red carpet to visitors today

More than 1500 guests pre-registered for today’s UWindsor Open House, says Zora Savic, but the campus can expect more visitors than that: “We always have students who register at the last minute.”

Student communication and events coordinator in the liaison office, she says the presentations on academic programs form the heart of the day.

“Getting a chance to meet our faculty members is a highlight for the students and their families,” Savic says. “They love to hear from professors about what to expect.”

Itinerary builder to personalize open house experience, say organizers

A new online application allowing registrants of tomorrow’s UWindsor Open House to schedule their activities for the day will help them to set their own priorities, says Zora Savic.

Events coordinator in the Office of Liaison and Student Recruitment, she is “thrilled” with the program. The day is jam-packed with dozens of activities across the campus dealing with academic programs, admissions, scholarships and services.

Don UWindsor gear Friday to show pride during open house

Wearing UWindsor- and Lancer-themed clothing Friday is a good way for faculty and staff to demonstrate pride in the institution to visitors during the Fall Open House recruitment event, says Zora Savic, student communication and events coordinator for the liaison office.

She is encouraging employees to wear appropriate clothing that bears a UWindsor or Lancer logo—or even is simply blue and gold.

“Not only does it show school spirit, it also helps our visitors identify people who may be able to provide basic directions,” Savic says.

Technology to support student recruitment efforts

A team of UWindsor faculty, staff and students will meet with prospective students and their parents at the Ontario Universities Fair in Toronto, October 14 to 16.

“We are so proud of this excellent group,” says student communication and events coordinator Zora Savic. “They always do a great job of representing the University and telling our stories.”