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Windsor Law Professor Laverne Jacobs will teach a session for a Berkley Law course this fall on COVID-19 and equality law.Windsor Law Professor Laverne Jacobs will teach a session for a Berkley Law course this fall on COVID-19 and equality law.

Windsor Law professor to participate in global course on COVID-19 and equality law

Windsor Law Associate Dean (Research and Graduate Studies) Laverne Jacobs has been invited to participate in a collaborative, multi-university law course this fall that will bring together professors from around the world over a period of several weeks for their expert instruction.

Convened by Berkeley Law (located at the University of California Berkeley) the online course, entitled “COVID-19 and Global Inequalities,” will explore the global impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on members of disadvantaged communities through the lens of equality law. Dr. Jacobs, an expert in the areas of critical disability theory, equality and administrative law, will teach a session during the course’s pandemic and disability module.

“Our course starts from the recognition that the pandemic’s impact has been disproportionately felt by people who are already experiencing systemic disadvantage due to race, ethnicity, gender, disability, Indigeneity, poverty, age, (among other grounds) and intersections of identity,” says Jacobs.

“I hope that through this course we are not only able to identify some of the ways in which inequality emerges structurally around the world but to engage students in a cross-cultural dialogue on why and how law should better serve the ideals of justice.”

Jacobs will invite interested law students to observe three of the course lecture days and participate on those days in online discussions with other law students from around the world. Among other topics, the course modules will also cover COVID inequality as it relates to gender, race, LGBTQ+, and Indigenous peoples.

— Rachelle Prince

New Teaching Online Resource Now Available

New teaching online resource now available

A new resource for teaching online is now available to assist instructors as the university moves online in the upcoming Fall semester.

Teaching Online is designed to support instructors who are now pressed to offer course material virtually.

The site introduces instructors to principles, practices, and resources focused on effective teaching and course design, and moves through the specific tools and technologies that they can use to teach online.

From communicating with students, to creating lesson plans and assessments, to designing for diversity, the site is intended to act as a one-stop-shop where instructors can find resources for all aspects of course design.

Susan Dennison, Faculty of Nursing, said that the available information related to teaching online can be overwhelming. “This site provides some key resources and information for faculty as we prepare for the fall semester all in one location,” she said.  “It will be especially great for our part-time sessional instructors.”

The Centre for Teaching and Learning compiled and organized resources from across the University of Windsor with the Office of Open Learning, IT Services, Experiential Learning, and Faculties from across the campus also contributing to the project.

A student works on their laptop outside at the University of Windsor.

Weekly digest lists top-five common questions to ask.UWindsor

Campus partners at the University of Windsor are working to maintain a robust set of Knowledge Base Articles (KBAs).

The team will continue to compile a Weekly Digest of the most-referenced KBAs to streamline student-focused questions to ask.UWindsor to support consistent communication with current and future students.

These are this week's top-five referenced KBAs:

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Session two intramural esport champions crowned

Session 2 of Lancer Recreation’s summer intramural esports league has wrapped up and the champions have been crowned.

Session 2 leagues were offered from the middle of June to the end of July and had almost 100 University of Windsor students participate for free. In the end, there was only one winner per league.

Here is the full list of the session 2 winners:

  • FIFA 20 PS4 (A Division)- Samuel Orekoya
  • FIFA 20 PS4 (B Division)- David Ogunnubi
  • FIFA 20 Xbox1- Sagar Jogadia
  • Rocket League 1v1- Luka Velimirovic
  • Rocket League 2v2- Tiko Petrov & Luka Velimirovic (Riverside Aerial Squad)
  • NBA 2K 20 PS4- Moses Genat
  • NHL 20 PS4- Trevor Brown
  • MLB The Show PS4- Trevor Brown
  • Mario Kart- Cole Hannam

FIFA 20 PS4 (A Division)

Since PS4 FIFA was such a popular league, we divided it into an A and B division. The challenge was no problem for Samuel Orekoya, as he battled through the season and playoffs with an undefeated record. He closed it out in the finals by winning a close game 2-1. Congratulations Samuel!

FIFA 20 PS4 (B Division)
It was a similar story for David Ogunnubi in the B division. Week after week he battled through close games, but managed to come out on top after each one. Playing the reigning champion in the finals, David emerged victorious, winning the game 2-0. Congratulations David!

FIFA 20 Xbox1

In this very strong, competitive league the title was up for grabs. All games were close every week and most teams had strong records entering the playoffs. Sagar Jogadia was able play his best when the playoffs came around and rolled all the way to a 2-0 win in the finals. Congratulations Sagar!


Reigning 1v1 champ Luka Velimirovic picked up right where he left off. Through both sessions 1 and 2, Luka did not lose a game and once again earned a well-deserved championship. Through our weekly Saturday stream on Twitch it was a pleasure to watch him play each week. Congratulations Luka!


The Riverside Aerial Club came back strong in session 2 to defend their crown. Expectations were high after an undefeated season in session 1 and they did not disappoint. A fan favourite on the Twitch stream each week, they continued their strong play with another championship. Congratulations Luka and Tiko!

NBA 2K 20 PS4

Moses Genat was coming off a big championship win in session 1 and had a lot to prove in session 2 to defend his crown. He was able to keep his momentum rolling and came out on top of the league once again. Congratulations Moses!

NHL 20 PS4

Our first ever winner of different games in one session, Trevor Brown did not start the NHL 20 season as an overwhelming favourite. He improved week after week and squeezed out some close games in the playoffs to emerge victorious. Congratulations Trevor!


This league was brand new in session 2 and had a lot of exciting games throughout the season. Trevor Brown exhibited strong play each week and was able to win in the finals by a score of 9-3. This championship allowed him to become the first ever winner of multiple leagues in one session. Congratulations once again Trevor!


It was the battle of the undefeated records in the Mario Kart finals, and the game did not disappoint. In the end, Cole Hannam came out with the win by defeating Zach Wasylyk by a score of 10-6. Congratulations on a hard fought victory Cole!


This wraps up our summer esports season. We look forward to connecting with students once again in our fall esports leagues. Details will be released in the coming weeks.

For more information about our leagues and how to get involved, be sure to follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter @LancerRec.

A person wearing a suit is pictured in this file photo.

Student-led panel to address the practice of whitewashing, the vision of dressing professionally

Kiteh Totimeh, a student in the course Ways of Doing, will lead a panel addressing the social norms of “dressing professionally” this Tuesday, Aug. 4 at 5 p.m.

The panel asks two connected questions: how do organizations define professional attire in educational, professional, and organizational settings? In what ways is this a generational whitewashing practice?

The panel topic is informed by personal experiences of black students and the writings of George M. Fredrickson, Robin Di Angelo and Bell Hooks.

Fredrickson captured his conception of racial inequality and racism as an ideology and practice in Western societies.

Di Angelo’s White fragility: Why it's so hard for White People to Talk about Racism presents the theory that white people live in a social environment that protects and insulates them from race-based interaction.

Social activist Hooks’ Black Looks; Race and representation where she states that whiteness functions as a power source and a place of privilege. Hooks further shares that the power white people have asserted themselves makes it hard to acknowledge racism because they are invested in the myth of “sameness.”

Course instructor Tim Brunet creates opportunities for students to study topics that they have reason to value in the course.

Brunet said he looks forward to learning more about the topic because higher education institutions regularly ask students to “dress to impress.”

He acknowledged that a professor’s ethnocultural vision for dress codes is often incomplete. 

The panel also includes an award for the best dressed participant.  

To enter into the best-dressed competition, share your best-dressed outfit on Instagram using the hashtag #UWinDresstoImpress prior to Aug. 4.

The panellists will decide on the winner at the event. The winner will receive an UWindsor Campus Bookstore gift certificate for $100. 

For more information please reach out to

Event registration is required and is available by clicking here.