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Leilani FarhaLeilani Farha is the global director of a non-governmental organization advocating for action to end homelessness.

Advocate to discuss housing and human dignity

Housing is a human right. Why then are we facing a housing crisis, with ever-increasing numbers of people living on the streets or in inadequate, unaffordable housing? PUSH, a 2019 film by director Fredrik Gertten, investigates why we are in the midst of a global housing crisis, who is behind it, and what we might do about it.

Join the Transnational Law and Justice Network (TLJN) and the Windsor Law Centre for Cities on Wednesday, Nov. 18, for a conversation with PUSH’s central figure, Leilani Farha. Farha is a lawyer, former United Nations special rapporteur on adequate housing, and currently the global director of The Shift, a non-governmental organization that advocates for action to end homelessness, unaffordability, and evictions.

“Leilani Farha is the quintessential advocate who uses every tool at her disposal to support those who demand their dignity,” says TLJN director and event co-organizer Reem Bahdi. “She is no stranger to Windsor, having lived here previously, and we are excited to have her back with us at a time when affordable housing, and the factors that impact it, have become acute issues both locally and globally."

This virtual event is free and open to the public, but advance registration is required. Organizers recommend viewing the film prior to the event and encourage attendees to submit questions in advance relating to advocacy, human dignity, and housing. Email questions to law student organizer Michael Fazzari
mask with hand over faceA workshop on Imposter Phenomenon is aimed at helping people with feelings of being a fraud.

Workshop to aid in managing imposter phenomenon

For those who feel like a fraud and question whether they even belong at the University of Windsor, a workshop titled “Recognizing and Managing Imposter Phenomenon” may help.

Psychology professor Dana Ménard, one of the workshop presenters, says imposter feelings may include:

  • high levels of self-doubt and self-criticism,
  • difficulty accepting compliments or praise,
  • perfectionism, and
  • concerns that others will find out you don’t know what you are doing.

The workshops will detail how imposter feelings may present, and provide practical tips and resources for recognizing and managing those feelings.

“Feeling like an impostor is a common experience for individuals in academia and is characterized as an intellectual feeling of phoniness that can undermine confidence in oneself,” says Dr. Ménard.

“In fall of 2019 we conducted a campus-wide survey about how IP was affecting people at UWindsor — we got a massive response with more than 150 staff and faculty participants, as well as more than 1,400 students.”

Researchers will share some of their survey results during three 90-minute sessions:

  • Student sessions
    Monday, Nov. 23, 3 p.m.
    Wednesday, Nov. 25, 10 a.m.
  • Faculty and staff session
    Tuesday, Dec. 8, 4 p.m.

To register for the free workshops, visit IP Workshop Registration page and submit your email. Participants do not need a Blackboard account to join a session.

Brain with thumbs-up signMeasures announced Friday are intended to relieve UWindsor employees of stress, anxiety, and pressure caused by the pandemic.

Mental health days to express gratitude to faculty and staff

In a message sent Friday to faculty and staff, UWindsor president Robert Gordon announced several measures intended to ameliorate the stress, anxiety, and pressure engendered by the COVID-19 pandemic.

They include:

  • two paid mental health days to provide an opportunity for full-time employees to disconnect and unplug from work;
  • designation of Feb. 16 to 18 as “meeting-free days” as focused time to accomplish tasks and move projects forward; and
  • institution of shift rotations for essential services employees in Campus Community Police, Energy Conversion Centre, Environmental Services, Maintenance and Food Services.

“You have stepped forward with flexibility, resilience, and determination to support our students, deliver our programs, continue your work as researchers and innovators, and ensure that the important work that is done across the University of Windsor continues,” Dr. Gordon wrote.

“It is my hope that these measures can bring some relief to the stresses that you may be experiencing in your work and personal life.”

Read the entire message.

person glad to have sponsored On Track to SuccessThe United Way UNevent will fund bringing the On Track to Success program to downtown Windsor.

Gala non-event to benefit downtown youths

Billed as “the best event you’ll never attend,” a fundraiser for United Way will support expansion of a poverty-reduction program to downtown Windsor.

The charity’s Emerging Philanthropists network of young donors hopes to raise $40,000 through the Nov. 19 UNevent to offer On Track to Success to students at Kennedy Collegiate and Catholic Central high schools.

UWindsor student recruitment officer Radha Patel is a member of Emerging Philanthropists, and says the group is looking for support from the campus.

“Instead of attending an event, we are encouraging the community to save the money they would have spent on an expensive night out and invest it in our youth by supporting On Track to Success,” Patel says. “Our UNevent will celebrate all those who stayed home and decided to impact the life of a student.”

The program provides mentoring and financial support to at-risk youth to help them graduate from high school and pursue post-secondary education to succeed in the modern job economy.

To donate, visit the UNevent website.

Libro-EPIC logoA partnership between EPICentre and Libro Credit Union is intended to foster social enterprises.

EPICentre partners with Libro Credit Union to support social entrepreneurship

More than ever before, the world faces several social and environmental challenges — often complex, multilayered, and with great impact on local and global communities and regions.

Social entrepreneurship welcomes changemakers to be strategic and creative in tackling some of these challenges.

In partnership with Libro Credit Union, the Entrepreneurship Practice and Innovation Centre (EPICentre) is launching the Social Enterprise 101 Coaching service to support students and community members working to start a social enterprise. The program will provide participants with coaching, resources, tools, and networks to help them build a thriving venture.

EPICentre also partners with Made it Happen podcast to feature local social enterprises. This collaboration will include a three-part series beginning on Nov. 15. The first installment features Half Step Away, which takes a personalized approach to music training to support the creative growth and emotional well-being of people of all abilities.