Tricia Carmichael

Michael Miller and Tricia CarmichaelPhD student Michael Miller, left, and chemistry professor Tricia Carmichael examine a piece of silicone rubber with silver nanowires embedded in it. Their method of making the prototype marks an important step towards making stretchable electronics a reality.

Chemists develop innovative method for making bendable electronics

A chemist and her team of researchers have made a major stride forward in the race to make electronics that can bend and stretch.

Nanotechnology the topic of public lecture Wednesday

Nanotechnology is miniaturization taken to the extreme, down to the size of atoms and molecules. Its applications impact a wide range of products from the textile, personal care, pharmaceutical, and electronic industries.

Award-winning chemist Tricia Carmichael will describe nanotechnology in general and in applications such as self-cleaning nanopants in a free public lecture Wednesday, January 18, at 7:30 p.m. at Canada South Science City.