M.S.W. Programs heads north … way north, to Nunavut

The Masters of Social Work for Working Professionals program, run by the Faculty of Social Work and offered through the Centre for Executive Education, has reached a new northern milestone.  University of Windsor Residence Life Manager and M.S.W. candidate Nicole Clark has broken new ground for the school in completing her required practicum placement in Whale Cove, Nunavut.

“This is really exciting because it's the first time the University has placed a student in Nunavut, a place with many under-serviced communities,” says Clark.  “I'm excited because we have made connections with the Minister of Education of Nunavut, whose approval was required to get me into the school where I am completing my placement.”  This marks the first time an M.S.W. candidate from any University has completed their practicum component anywhere in Nunavut.

Nunavut is Canada's newest territory, founded in 1999 by a division of Canada's Northwest Territories.  Whale Cove is one of Nunavut's more southerly communities near the geographic centre of Canada and on the western coast of Hudson's Bay.

Clark hopes to work with the faculty of social work to enable more students to follow in her tracks … literally!  Whale Cove has been in blizzard conditions for the past week, so the tracks are currently about 12” deep in snow, and deeper in drifts.

She says she is excited about learning about the Inuit culture in Nunavut and describes stronger community ties inside the community than are commonly found in many southern locales.

“There is so much social need in Nunavut, which has Canada's youngest population and also Canada's highest unemployment,” saysClark.  “Social work degree canditates, whether at the bachelor or the master's level, could do so much good by completing a placement up here."



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