Grab-and-go offers fast, healthy options for cafeteria diners

Grab-and-go is good for you, says Paolo Vasapolli, assistant manager of satellite operations for Food Services.

“We are heading toward increasing this concept,” he said Wednesday. “It provides a fresh and healthy meal at an economical price point.”

The Marketplace food court in the CAW Student Centre is increasing the number and range of items available in its Grab-and-go coolers, which feature pre-made sandwiches, salads, fruit drinks and light desserts.

“It’s a spot where students can come in and get something quick that’s still nutritious,” Vasapolli said.

On a typical day, the coolers will serve deli sandwiches on whole-grain bread, vegetable and dip platters, sushi plates, hummus with salad in a wrap, plus packaged pasta, potato and green salads.

“We also have these bottled smoothies, milk, V-8 drinks and vitamin waters,” said Vasapolli. “We want them all in one place so the healthy choices are easy to find.”