Director of volleyball operations to coach Lancer women’s team

The athletics department has confirmed interim coach of Lancer women’s volleyball, Lucas Hodgson, as the team’s head coach and director of volleyball operations.

In the latter role, he will oversee the day-to-day operations of both the men’s and women’s volleyball programs, in addition to his coaching duties for the women’s squad.

Hodgson served as interim head coach over the past year, during which time he familiarized himself with the Lancer program and improved the players’ defensive abilities while maintaining their offensive attack. He said he is excited at the opportunity.

“The support for my family and me has been tremendous and I look forward to keep building relationships in the university and community,” he said. “We are looking to build not only strong athletes but great students and leaders in the community by helping them focus on their goals athletically and academically while volunteering locally.”

Athletics director Gord Grace praised Hodgson, who served seven seasons as coach of the Brock University women’s volleyball program.

“We are very excited to have Lucas on board as the director of operations for our volleyball program and as the head coach of our women’s volleyball team,” Grace said. “He has done an impressive job over the past season and we are looking forward to him leading our Lancer women’s volleyball team going forward.”