University employers sought for job shadowing program

Campus employers have an opportunity to play an important role in the development of an inclusive workplace by hosting individuals with disabilities for the Face-to-Face job shadowing program, Wednesday and Thursday, May 30 and 31, in the middle of National Access Awareness Week.

The program of the Windsor Essex Employment Group allows an individual with disabilities to follow and watch experienced workers at their workplace in order to get first-hand information about job functions and understand the physical and mental demands of their occupations. Learn more on the program Web site.

Last year, the University of Windsor hosted two participants, says Anne Mullen, accessibility and human rights manager. She hopes for greater participation this year.

The job shadowing involves a full day May 30 and the morning of May 31; a free luncheon at the Caboto Club follows for those directly involved in the Face-to-Face program.

To offer a job-shadowing opportunity, contact the project coordinator Rebecca Canty at 519-974-4221, ext. 242, or by Friday, April 27. Mullen invites any questions from the campus community at 519-253-3000, ext. 2046, or