University VPs gather for discussion in Windsor

Hosting a meeting of the Ontario Council of Academic Vice-Presidents not only shows the University of Windsor’s willingness to support its work, says provost Leo Groarke: “It ensures that a group of important decision-makers are familiar with us and what we do.”

Windsor’s campus hosted the group May 7 and 8, bringing together academic vice-presidents from every Ontario university. It was only the second occasion Windsor played host; the first was in May 2006.

“The council discusses all the major issues facing universities in Ontario, promotes collaboration between universities, and plays a significant role in discussions with the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities,” Dr. Groarke said. “Some of the current issues are budget pressures, quality assurance and the government's funding plans.”

All the university VPs lined up.

Members of the Ontario Council of Academic Vice Presidents were on the University of Windsor campus for discussions this week on a range of issues. Click on the photo above to view an enlarged image.