Health care partnership to offer reduced pharmacy fees

Joining the pharmacy component of the Southwestern Ontario Health Care Partnership offers an innovative way to control rising costs, says the University’s human resources department.

The partnership provides a network of pharmacies that have agreed to offer University of Windsor faculty and staff discounted dispensing and professional fees, competitive drug ingredient prices, and high-quality levels of service.

Use of the program is voluntary, says Cheryl Paglione, director of employee services.

“There will be no change to our current drug benefit coverage or dispensing fee co-pay,” she says. “Simply by showing your membership card along with your Green Shield subscriber card at one of the participating pharmacies, you are partnering with the University of Windsor to utilize valuable health care dollars in the most cost-effective ways.”

With a number of local pharmacies participating, she says many employees may discover their usual outlet is already a member of the network. Find more details on the Southwestern Ontario Health Care Partnership and how to participate on the Web site of the Department of Human Resources.