Food for Fines a benefit to those in need

Your mother always taught you not to play with your food, but she never said anything about paying with it.

The Leddy Library’s Food for Fines program, now in its third year, allows students to pay their library fines for overdue materials with non-perishable, unexpired food items. Through December 9, students are able to receive a $2 credit towards their fines for each item brought in.

The event is run by the library’s access services staff, which has set a goal of collecting 900 food items.

“We are expecting another successful year,” says library clerk Marisa Bonasso.

The food collected will be transported to the North Campus Student Food Bank at the University of Windsor, located in the basement of Iona College on Sunset Avenue. The food bank, run by Iona College and Canterbury College, provides essential services to students on campus.

First-year visual arts student Julia Lepera calls it “an awesome idea.”

“If you already owe fees, you might as well benefit those in need, especially during the holidays,” she says.

There are a few restrictions: each student can redeem a maximum of $50 and cannot gain additional credit to pay off future fines. However, any extra donations to the food bank are always welcome.

Food items should be brought to the circulation desk, located just inside the library’s front doors.

— by Lauren Farquhar