Campus cops call for common sense near construction sites

The campus community is reminded to be cautious near construction zones and to observe and obey posted safety signs.

“We have a great deal of construction taking place on campus right now and though operators of construction vehicles are vigilant about accident prevention, we ask everyone to take an active part in protecting their own personal safety,” says Mike MacKinnon, director of Campus Police. “Common sense, looking both ways before crossing the street, and obeying warning signs will go a long way in preventing accidents.”

He reminds pedestrians that sidewalks are closed adjacent to the parking structure construction south of Wyandotte Street—on the east side of Sunset Avenue and the west side of California Avenue. Posted signs redirect pedestrian traffic to the opposite sides of both streets.

“These are small inconveniences for long-term gain and we hope people will remember to stay alert and take sensible precautions in these areas.”