diners in cafeteria holding Chinese foodPaolo Vasapolli (centre) thanks students Wilma Huang, Chong Yi, Qingheng Yu and Yuqin Zou for making the Marketplace observance of Chinese new year a success.

Chinese menu a hit with Marketplace diners

Patrons of the Marketplace in the CAW Student Centre flocked to the Homestyle station Thursday to enjoy Chinese dishes in celebration of the lunar new year, which starts today.

“The food has been a big hit,” said server Vanessa Stevens-Blaise. “Our cooks did a great job.”

Business student Wilma Huang agreed as she bought a plate full of steamed dumplings: “Just like home.”

Assistant manager Paolo Vasapolli thanked a group of Chinese students for decorating the cafeteria with traditional red hangings, DJ Shauhrat Gill for providing music, and cooks Andrew Braithwaite, Brian Joyce and Roshell Mathias for preparing the special menu items.