Alicia Bashura and Laurie Butler-Grondin.Alicia Bashura collects a basket full of automotive supplies from parking services manager Laurie Butler-Grondin, Wednesday in the CAW Student Centre.

Student appreciates parking-related prize package

A jug of anti-freeze windshield wiper fluid will come in handy, says the winner of a prize basket from Campus Parking Services.

Second-year English student Alicia Bashura collected the prize Wednesday, after winning a free draw sponsored by the office. Her 2002 Ford Taurus has been taking a beating this winter.

“The windshield washer I have now doesn’t melt the ice,” she said. “And I’m glad to get some ArmorAll—now people will be able to tell what colour my car is!”

Parking Services distributed free ballots in the CAW Student Centre, said manager Laurie Butler-Grondin.

 “The idea of this draw was just to have a little fun and give students a positive experience with our staff,” she said.

Besides wiper fluid and cleaning supplies, the basket held a water bottle, snow brush, flashlight, umbrella, air freshener, tire gauge, candle and lighter: “Just the sort of all-purpose items you should have on hand for emergencies,” Butler said. The total value was $200.